Sunday, October 26, 2008

Taking it easy

After spending over 5 hours in the hospital today the treatment is to take it easy. Which means no lifting, no prolonged walking or standing, and the doctor doesn't want to see me at Wal-Mart, but she did not put me on strict bed rest. Just medication to stop the contractions. All this time I thought it was just Buster kicking me.
Earlier today I had a little bleeding and called the on-call doctor who then told me to go to the hospital for monitoring and an ultrasound. Ultrasound looked good but I kept having contractions so we tried a couple different medications. The second one worked so I got to go home and am now taking it easy. 10 more weeks to go!

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  1. Hey girl,

    How are you doing?! U let me know if you need anything!!! I'd be happy to help. How are you feeling? I didn't know you were having some contractions! Have they gotten worse since you were having the braxton hicks? or however you spell that. ? Let mek now how your doing! if your up to it i could come help you do whatever this week. you could just sit in the chair and tell me what you need done. maybe wednesday? let me know


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