Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hit me sign

Isaac and I had a wonderful afternoon together, it all started with his 3 hour nap. That always puts both of us in a great mood. Then we ventured out to the zoo, in hopes of staying there long enough to hear some Jazz. While walking through the zoo I noticed all these kids in swimsuits and was wondering where the pool was, but then I remembered they have a splash area. Good thing I have a super huge diaper bag stocked with swim diapers among other things. Isaac wasn't sure about the spraying water so I encouraged him to touch the water a few times. Then he got excited about it wanted to run around the water area but not into the water. While running he almost ran into another kid. A few minutes later that kid went running into Isaac with his hand out to push him down. That kid's mom came over and just said her kid's name. Then we went about 5 feet from them and that kid came over and slapped Isaac. The other mom just said, "Joshua!" Isaac's pretty sensitive and started crying right away. So I scooped him up and said loudly we were leaving, since an apology wasn't coming. I did try to put him down on the other side of the splash area, but he was tightly holding on to me. So off we went to check out his favorites, the farm animals.
Half an hour later we came back to the splash area. I pulled him out of the stroller and he was trying to climb back in. I had to drag him to the water fountain and show him how much fun it was to put your hands in the water. It took a few times of me cheering and dancing around the water for him to jump in. But then a little kid his age was running towards our area and Isaac came whining for me to pick him up, that wasn't happening. This kid was just excited and he chilled when the kid went running away.
We were there long enough to hear a little Jazz. Then we went to have dinner together and he loved it. He always loves Vietnamese food, or anything with noodles or rice. Since David's working late for the next few weeks, Isaac and I will probably be eating out a lot. Good thing I've started running.

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