Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 1 of Carnival Magic Cruise

Started with a 5 am ride to the airport. Then Nolan's first ride in a bus, ground transportation at the airport.

Nolan desperately wanted to go on the moving walkway. So much so that David had to catch him as he ran for one going the wrong way. Like going up the down escalator.  

 Sadly the next and last one on our journey to our gate was broken. He did get to ride them on our return trip home. 

Isaac loved looking out the window and was disappointed when he had to change seats to accommodate a tantrumming toddler. 

Time to board the ship at about noon and Nolan passed out. 

Isaac had a blast seeing Nyny, Yehyeh, and Grand Yehyeh while checking out the ship.

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