Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Silent Auction

Last Thursday we went to a dinner and silent auction for Shepherd Community here in Indianapolis. All proceeds go to feed children. Since school is out there are some children that are not getting the two meals a day that they would get while they were in school. I used to have some of these children in my classroom so this auction was very much worth it to me. Well, David had never been to a silent auction and he really got into it. There were two items that I wanted to win/bid on. One was this Longerberger basket with goodies in and the other was a photography session. We won both, thanks to David's pacing around the room to make sure no one else out bid us. He also bid on a surprise for me, which he won. It has a pair of fingerless gloves. Very cool and can't wait to use this this winter. We also went with a friend but I can't say what she won since her husband checks out this blog, boy is he going to be surprised.

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