Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summary of Southern Trip

Playing with granny
When he was sleeping in the Pack and Play he would fall asleep trying to suck/lick/eat the side of it.
Meeting Nana.
Some old lady at the Thai restaurant held Isaac while I ate, and he loved it.
Went to North Carolina to meet one of my best friends from college, Tiffany.
Went to Georgia with Olivia. He slept when we first got there and Shady kept jumping on him to figure out what he was (he slept through it). While he slept, Olivia met our Aunt Beth and their Guinea Pig. Here's Isaac with Beth, MeKenzie and Abigail, the dog. Also met his great Granny.
Meeting Janette,
playing with Pawpaw, and met his great, great, Mama Cummings in Anderson.
Rotten weather on the way home, so Isaac had fun watching the big tucks go by on the interstate.
Isaac met soo many people on this tour of the southeast but I forgot to take picture of some of them, sorry. We're now back in Indy and getting back into our routine.

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