Saturday, February 13, 2010

New found freedom

Isaac has been doing such much over the past few weeks, that's partially the reason for the lack of posts. He's keeping me busy. He is now walking everywhere and starting to run. This walking thing has given him a new found freedom, he is starting to figure out that he can walk away when we are in public. Also he's talking and singing. His vocabulary includes, Daisy (which was his first word, or at least the first one we recognized), dog, yes, mama, dada, good (which he uses the most), and today we heard him say "give it to me" twice when he wanted lunch. Although that was probably a coincidence. He blows air when I'm fixing his food because he's noticed that I blow on his food before giving it to him. He loves sharing and loves George. George recently took a trip to the Children's Museum with us, which I will post pictures of soon. He is extremely social with other children. When there is another kid around he seeks them out then tries to get them to chase him. It's soooo cute and it makes me wish I had more friends to have playdates with. He even likes playing with older kids, like 10 plus years old. He seems to be shy around adults. When they say hi to him he hides behind me. He longs to be outside but doesn't like the snow. I often find him looking out the window. I'm sure there are a lot of other "new" things he's doing but this is all that comes to mind right now.

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