Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Artwork Request

I got a request to post Isaac artwork. It's not crumpled from me digging it out of the trash, it's that way because that's how he brings it to me. Currently he only has access to crayons because he gets crazy with markers. Last time he had a marker he went running through the house like a wild man and only stopped to mark his friend on the arm then proceeded to run some more while marking the couch and wall. For some reason, he sits nicely at the table with the crayons and draws. Today I thought we'd try finger paint, but he wasn't into painting on the paper. He would touch it then rub his finger on his shirt because he doesn't like his hands to be dirty. As you see in one picture he even tried to taste it. I had to force his hand into the paint and smear it around, which he was ok with as long as he could wipe his hand on his shirt.

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