Friday, February 25, 2011

35 week doctor appointment

Before I get to the doctor appointment, I'd like to share that Isaac's birth story is being featured over at Spearmint Baby today. Also the picture above shows what Isaac's been up to for the past couple of weeks, teething again. He is constantly chewing on his fingers and not eating much. Hopefully this will pass soon.

I have a c-section scheduled for March 24 and if I go into labor before then the doctor will still perform a c-section. I am currently 1cm dilated and am having contractions nightly. The last time I timed them they were 5 minutes apart and lasted about an hour. I'm taking Tylenol nightly to help relax my body and stop the contractions. So far it's working, but the doctor wants me to call her if the contractions last more than an hour. The baby has dropped and I have a feeling this one is coming before March 24, but we will see because it's all in God's hands. I'm very excited to meet this little one, but so very anxious because we aren't ready. Hopefully this weekend I'll have some energy to at least pack my bag and type up instructions for caring for Isaac.
One question I had for the doctor was about breastfeeding and a c-section. Does the body get confused and make it more difficult to breastfeed? Her answer, it depends on who you ask and it is more difficult because it takes longer to get the baby to the breast with a c-section. Anyone have any opinion or experience with this? I'd love to hear whether it worked or didn't work for you, just to try to prepare myself for what may be.


  1. Cool featurette on isaacs birth day. I like this post. So much to look forward to.

  2. Amy- I had a c-section, but had NO problems nursing Dylan. Of course, they didn't bring him to me until I was out of recovery, but he figured things out pretty quickly. If there is any doubt, check out the la leche league (I think that's right) website. They are full of information on breastfeeding!

  3. Amy - My sister had 3 c-sections and had no problems breastfeeding.


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