Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My boys

So far Nolan is very different from Isaac. Nolan loves to just be held while Isaac would have to bounced, rocked, or walked around the house. Nolan doesn't eat nearly as much as Isaac did and isn't nearly as chunky as Isaac was. Nolan is breast-feeding and taking formal and I'm surprising ok with that. Nolan was jaundice but not enough to require a billi-blanket or blood testing, and it's gone now. Nolan seems to have more of my features than Isaac does, feet, hand, ears, and nose. The only feature that Isaac has from me are his ears. I can tell Nolan is growing because he's starting to fill out the 3 month outfits in length. Nolan's eyes look to be more like his dads, it will be fun to see how he grows and what/who he looks like. Nolan may have reflux since he appears to be choking/gagging when he's laying on his back. This usually occurs an hour or so after eating. I've been letting sleep on his stomach, David really hates this, but it's working with the reflux and letting me get more sleep. Isaac loves his brother and likes to share his toys with Nolan. He even likes to show him off to new people. I hope this loveliness doesn't wear off. So far I'm doing pretty good, but I also have help here until Saturday. Next week might be a different story. I got the ok to drive but can't carry the infant carrier for two more weeks. Which means I can drive places but can't go into them because I'd have to leave the baby in the car. So far the recovery from a C-section has been better than what I went through with Isaac. The hard part is just the limitations. I also started on antidepressants the day after he was born and I feel like I am able to appreciate this baby so much more than I did with Isaac. Which is kind of bitter sweet, because I would love to be able to look back to Isaac's infancy and think of it fondly, but I don't. We are so appreciative for all the meals that have been coming and all the help we received. God has truly blessed us!


  1. really interesting post about how the boys are different. thanks for posting. i check several times a day for new stuff.

  2. and im really impressed with how happy isaac is about sharing with his new sibling. he doesn't pinch nolan's nose while nolan is sleeping (cough cough), does he? maybe that comes later.

  3. There is Great Hope. My boys still love on each other like that. It's especially wonderful now that Sam wants to kiss and hug him back. And you'll be getting out with that carrier plenty before you know it. If there's anything you need, just yodel!


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