Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rough Day at School

I've been getting reports on how Isaac's day at preschool is from his friend Kylie. Well, today she said they had a "rough day." Apparently they are like brother and sister in class and they got into a "fight." A preschool "fight" is karate chopping a baby doll and knocking down blocks. When the teacher redirected Isaac he got really upset and didn't stop crying until I got there. And since he was crying, Kylie got upset that he was upset. Kylie said she was crying because she was not nice to her best friend, but the funny thing is the teacher said that Isaac knocked down her blocks. I'm thinking the teacher didn't see what really went on. This whole thing is hilarious to me, because this is what a rough day at preschool is like.

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  1. Issac will be fine, David was happy in the kindergarten.

    I know Amy and David will care for Issac as a good Shepard to his sheep. He knows them by names. He comforts and guides them with his rod and staff.

    (Psalm 23)


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