Monday, August 20, 2012

Poor happy guy

Nolan had his first blood draw to check his thyroid, which came back normal. After meeting with a development pediatric specialist to discuss why he is delayed in so many areas it was determined that it has to due with his all over low tone. This is why he has feeding issues, walking issues, and speech issues. We are seeing a private OT for the feeding issues, a PT through first steps, and he just qualified for speech help. We are currently trying to figure out why he has low tone and we just ruled out thyroid problems. Next we are going to test to see if his body is processing the muscle enzymes correctly. These are things that we can treat any further testing than these are not treatable. Poor guys is going to have to have at least two more blood draws, because of his size and the amount of blood they need for the testing it will need to take place on different days. I feel sad for him that he has to work harder than other children to reach these milestones but I'm confident that it will make him a better adult for it. I'm also at peace knowing that we are doing everything we can to help our boys reach their potential.

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  1. Oh hon, I'm sorry you don't have answers yet, but at least we have a plan of attack. Praying for answers that are easy fixes.


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