Saturday, February 9, 2013


Well my 1 year boobaversary came and went without me even thinking about, which to me means that the mastectomy was a success. Before the mastectomy I thought about breast cancer daily and now it's not a worry. While I count the mastectomy a success, the reconstruction I'm still dealing with. At the time I did not want to do reconstruction and I still don't want it. It may have been helpful to the emotional healing from this surgery, but I don't like the way they feel. I have aches on the left side and on the right their is weird stuff with the muscles. If I touch the middle of my chest it tickles the muscle under right arm. Maybe I'll have them taken out when the time comes when they should be exchanged. I know that clothes won't fit right, but that's an issue I already have with my thighs.


  1. Happy Boobaversary! I love the last line of this post. Cracked me up tonight! :)

  2. I'm so glad that you don't have to Worry about it any more. Peace of mind is priceless! Happy Boobaversary!


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