Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of PDO and PreK

Nolan had his first day of Parent's Day Out and he loved it. Isaac had his first day of pre-kindergarten. I have four glorious hours to myself once a week now! One the first day I heard one of the husbands ask his wife if he should take pictures of her doing cartwheels in the parking lot now that the kids are in school. I was very excited that first day but also nervous because I want my children to love school and have good experiences there. You might be wondering why I have my two year old going to school, well it's for socialization. You might also be wondering why I'm sending Isaac to two different preschools five days a week. Well, he goes to developmental preschool three days a week and I send him to pre-kindergarten two days a week so that he is in a class amongst typical children with age appropriate instruction. While development preschool is nice to help to with his speech and other issues, he's in a classroom with children ages 3-5 and with various other disabilities.   

I even made a doggie bone sandwich for Nolan to comfort him on his first day.

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