Saturday, May 9, 2015

You took the wrong kid

Today has been pretty craptastic and blogging can be therapeutic so I'll give it try right now in hopes of ending this day on a better note than which it started.

David did a wonderful job getting Isaac ready for soccer and planning out the rest of the day, after soccer going to Chickfila for lunch and the Costco. So I did my usual Saturday morning routine of eating breakfast while checking email and such on my phone until the alarm on my phone when off alerting me to a soccer game at 10 am. The problem was it said Nolan's soccer game was at 10 and David left 30 minutes ago with Isaac to go to his game at 10, or so David thought. I then check the soccer schedule and it says Nolan's game is at 10 and Isaac's is at 1. I then check the calendar on the fridge. It says the SAME thing. I call out to Nolan that he needs to get his soccer stuff on fast because his game starts in 5 minutes. Then call David to tell him he took the wrong kid and be ready to get Nolan out of the car and to the field when I get there. Luckily I can change my clothes really fast and don't wear makeup. Nolan ended up being 10 minutes late to his game and I finally go to finish by breakfast about noon just in time to take Isaac to his game at 1.

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