Monday, June 15, 2015

Frankfort, Kentucky State Capitol

The coolest clock I've ever seen. 

The Governor's Mansion. 

Looking out over Frankfort from the front of the state capitol building. 

They just installed LED lights in the dome that change color. 


Rubbing his toe for luck. 

Jefferson Davis behind Lincoln, kind of ironic. 

Henry Clay

This guy performed the first successful abdomen surgery and that's the tumor behind him on his left. Surgery was done without anesthetic and the women was believed to be pregnant with twins that died, but it turned out to be a tumor. 

All the governor's wives as dolls with a replica of the gown they were wearing. One of the ladies was a governor and another just has a place card because the governor was not married and he was assassinated after being in office 4 days. 

This is of Daniel Boone and is actually where he is currently buried. 

The three chandeliers in the mirrors make it look like it goes on forever. 

The state seal is on some of the door knobs. 

Egg and Arrow design. 

Supreme Court

Very cool library with catwalk. 


A needlework representing all the counties. Each one has a festival as well and one of them has a country ham festival with the biggest country ham biscuit. 

Just the biggest hanging basket I've every seen. 

Looking out at the capital from Daniel Boone's grave. 

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