Friday, March 14, 2008

Presidential Debate

I saw this on another persons blog (The blog that ate manhattan) and just had to share it.

Obama = Popover.Very quick to make, fast rise in a hot oven; be careful not to take it out before it is done or it will collapse. Delicious flavor alone, but really needs a little butter and jam to make it perfect. Everyone loves popovers.
Hillary = Sourdough bread. Needs a starter from a previously made bread to get going. Slow rise, punched down halfway and risen again. Has a wonderfully complex flavor, but can be a little tough and chewy. Not everyone likes sourdough bread, but those who do adore it.
McCain = Biscotti. Dry, hard, slowly baked and twice-cooked. Will keep for long periods of time in a can without losing flavor, making biscotti a favorite among soldiers and sailors. If a biscotti loses crispness, it can be put toasted in a low oven until crunchy again. Best eaten dunked in wine or strong coffee to soften.
Nader = Fruitcake. Has lots of fruits and nuts, all of which are good for you, and yet for some reason not many people like it. Can keep for years in a tightly closed tin. The same unopened fruitcake will get recycled year after year with no one ever eating it. Europeans appreciate fruitcake more than Americans do.

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