Sunday, March 30, 2008

What are you doing next Sunday?

Apparently I am interpreting the Sunday service at our church. We came to church a little last this morning and the pastor gave David a couple of programs for today's service. When we sat down I starting looking through the volunteers for today and next week to make sure I wasn't supposed to be somewhere else and to my surprise I am down for interpreting next week, something our church has never had. I started freaking out and I demanded that David give me his program so I could see if it was in his too, and it was. David told me to keep it down, as we were supposed to be singing. David told me they talked about how we could serve more if we offered this at the ChristCare meeting Thursday that I missed because I was at Sign Language class. I then showed it to my friend sitting next to me. David told me I would do fine and that I should start practicing with the music because it is slower. My friend then said that it wasn't in hers. What a relief! David then wished me a Happy early April Fools.

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