Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eye color

Eye color is tricky. I've been researching it because I'm curious if it is possible for our child to have an eye color other than brown. I found this explanation (below) and this calculator. The calculator says that there is a 13.6% chance for blue, 13.6% chance for green, and 72.8% chance for brown.

Eye colour is not inherited via just one gene. DNA Canada has proposed an eye colour inheritance model that assumes there are six genes involved and each can either be for light or for dark eyes, with dark dominating light. In the model they propose seven eye colours varying from very light blue with 6 light genes and 0 dark genes to dark brown with 0 light genes and 6 dark genes. Hazel is the mid point with 3 genes of each type. The others are:blue (5 L, 1D), green (4L, 2D), light brown (2L, 4D) and brown (1L, 5D).You and your siblings inherited 3 genes from each parent. From mom, if eyes are light brown, child will inherit one of these combos:(2L, 1D), (1L, 2D), (0L,3D)And from dad, if eyes are light brown, child will inherit one of these combos:(2L, 1D), (1L, 2D), (0L,3D)
Adding the genes together, children could have any of the following combinations:
0L, 6D -- dark brown
1L, 5D -- brown
2L, 4D -- light brown
3L, 3D -- hazel
4L, 2D -- green


  1. Itzaboy is going to be so cute. BLUE eyes. Wow. That's neat.

  2. David asked me two times how beautiful you are when we walked away the baggage claim area of the Houston airport terminal after introduction.
    We were all impressed of David's girlfriend's beauty.

    The baby will be as cute as his mama and his daddy.



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