Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First days of school

So far it's been good. I'm very tired when I get home and go straight to sleep. I usually wake up and have dinner then go back to sleep. The job itself isn't tiring, although I am on my feet a lot in high heels. It is the honeymoon period but I don't expect any behavior problems from the kids I'm dealing with.
Yesterday there was a little problem with the lock on my door. I lock my room when I will be away from it for a while since I know of one student that will steal, although she's not one that I deal with this year I've had her in the past. (She stole the Assistant Principal's phone last year, called the superintendent and various other's that were saved on the phone.)Well at the end of the day yesterday I locked my door as I was off to car duty and when I came back I was unable to unlock the door. I was kind of panicked since my purse, car keys, and cell phone where in that room (that has no windows) and David was out of town. They ended up having to call maintenance and it was finally unlocked after an hour. The key guru is supposed to come today to actually fix it.

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