Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fabulous Stay-cation

Isaac's NyNy has been here playing with him a lot. While they've been playing I've been busy. It's been a vacation but I get stuff done around the house. It has been awesome. I haven't blogged about all of these because I wanted to surprise David and also see what he notices around the house. I made this cuddly quilt. Probably a huge surprise for my mom, but it was kit. I thought the fabric was already cut, but it wasn't. That is one thing that I'm not that good at, so it has some mistakes but it's still cuddly.
I made this fabric basket, idea from here.
I painted the upstairs loft area, and hung some pictures.

Also painted this wall in our living room. I wanted to make the fireplace stand out.

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  1. the paint looks soooooo good. youre so talented with making stuff. way to GO.


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