Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peace and Butterflies

My wonderful sister-in-law has been showering me with birthday presents over the last month. The last present she got me was Fireproof. I am warning all my family members that if you don't tell me that you've watched, you will be getting it for Christmas. It has the most powerful scene we've ever seen in a movie.
I worry about you guys. Many of my family members don't go to church and I've even had one tell me she doesn't believe in God. I worry that God is not a part of your life and there will not be peace when you pass.
If you're wondering where this is coming from, a friend of mine just lost her grandfather and asked us to pray that her family would be at peace with his passing. That got me thinking about the funerals I've been to and my family.
Ok, on to the pictures from today. I've had a hard time changing diapers since Isaac just wants to flip over and talk with the red frog. So I thought I'd made a mobile to entertain him and try to keep him on his back.
This is typical for trying to change a diaper and dress him.
I got the idea from this picture, which was found here. Here's the end result. This is what he sees. I found a package of butterflies at Michaels ($4.99) and used fishing line and a paper plate.

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