Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas and Birthday

I'm getting inquiries as to what we want for Christmas and I know most of the family reads the blog. So I'll post it here and ya'll can discuss amongst yourselves what you'll get. We got Isaac this car/train table for Christmas. He has plenty of matchbox cars, but only one train. He could use some trains or if you want to get him matchbox cars, he would love construction vehicles. He has one backhoe and he loves it. We could use some more kids movies. I'm trying to establish a family movie night and I think David is tired of Monster's Inc., Ice Age, and Open Season.
Also Isaac would love some art supplies. Also if you open up the Wal-Mart Toy Book that you received in the mail last week he would love any of the battery powered ride-on cars/trucks. One of our neighbors has a quad and Isaac had a blast riding on it.
As for clothes, 3T fits him perfectly but I'd like to start stocking up on 4T clothes. Actually his 4T pajamas fit very well. He's wearing size 9/10 shoes right now. If you'd like to get him shoes please get 11 or bigger. The clothes that family got him last Christmas really helped us out this year when it started to get cold.
Hope this helps.


  1. Are you as psyched about that train table as I am! I can't wait for Christmas just so we can all play with it! Hope you are doing well! :)

  2. you didnt post what you and david wanted. and the gummybear. please post


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