Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

The day before Thanksgiving is definitely the day to go to the Children's Museum. I guess most people were traveling or preparing food. We had so much fun and I think we all took a nap when we got back home. I may make everything we did on this day a Thanksgiving Eve tradition. I love when we do things as a family and all day was spend together doing wonderful things, as you can see by the pictures. Dinner was the best conclusion to the "family day." We made hotpot, which is pretty much Asian fondue. Boil chicken broth, throw in vegetables, meat, and noodles and pull out what you want when it's cooked. I loved it and had the greatest time with my family. I don't think this day could have gotten any better, because I love when people come to visit and we do things as a family.

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