Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Follow-up Appointments

Yesterday, Tuesday, morning I took Isaac back to the eye doctor because his eye is worst than it was a month ago and the eye drops never worked. Their conclusion is that he may be allergic to the stint so they took it out. We'll be going back in a few weeks to see if it worked. I hope so because I don't want to go through this again.
I also had my appointment with the surgeon. He pointed out my gallbladder on the pictures he took and told me that it is elongated and has probably caused me problems my entire life. So maybe I don't have a sensitive stomach. Hopefully I get back to a normal diet in a few weeks. Other than that he said I will probably get tired easily, but I'm tired all the time something to do with two kids and one of them being 3 months old, so I don't think I'll notice this one. Also that the incision in my belly button will be sore when I over do it. Honestly my belly button incision has been sore since surgery, but there's no cutting back on what needs to be done.

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