Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Greenville's Children's Museum

We met us with one of my good friends and her family to discover the Children's Museum. Isaac had fun in most of the stations and I loved that they are science based.
I had to get a picture of my friend's son attempting to go up the conveyor belt. The sign next to the says, "No rocks on conveyor belt bricks only please." Doesn't say anything about children.
I took this picture because I thought the baby area was really neat. THey have a table with seats so they can play with the water too. And here's my darling Isaac trying to use his wrist band to get back into the water area. Thankfully only the adult's wrist bands work.
Nolan sporting one of his brother's old hats.

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  1. Love that you got the conveyor belt picture. Typical Aiden! We so enjoyed meeting up with you guys there!


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