Thursday, May 1, 2014

Allergy Testing

Back in March I finally got allergy testing to see what foods I'm allergic to because I have a recurring rash on my finger and arm. The 80+ foods they tested were negative and the allergist thought it might be a contact rash and asked if I wanted to get a North American Patch Test to see what chemicals I am allergic to. I did it, which was very uncomfortable and I still have a rash on my back two weeks later from the chemicals I'm allergic to. It turns out that I have a severe reaction to Methylisothiazolinone, which is in most hair conditioners and baby wipes. I'm also allergic to Methyldibromo Glutaronitril/Phenoxyethanol and Nickel. The funny thing is I knew I was allergic to nickel because I can't wear cheap earrings, but I wasn't aware that some foods like chocolate have a high nickel content. I also found that these chemical go by about 20+ other names. 

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