Saturday, January 5, 2008

9 weeks 2 days

We met with the doctor on Thursday and asked her a ton of questions. My final due date is August 7. She also said that most miscarriages take place in the 6th and 7th week and that since we heard the heartbeat, we have a 90% chance of not having a miscarriage. Our baby is now about an inch long and movement should start this week, but I shouldn't feel it for about 2 more months. It's eyelids almost cover the eyes now and ears have been formed. The baby is about the size of an olive this week and will grow to the size of a plum next week.

Below are some belly pictures taken today. While in Houston David's grandmother told him to lose weight and his mother suggested that we take his belly picture with mine. He is not happy about the picture but hopefully it will help motivate him to lose the weight.