Friday, January 18, 2008

After surgery

I had a D&C yesterday and it went well. I was in a lot of pain last night but am feeling much better today. Before surgery my doctor came in to talk to us and to see if we had any questions. I asked if she would be able to tell us whether the baby was a girl or boy and she said that she would not because it did not make it to 12 weeks.
My doctor feels that I may have a blood clotting problem which may have caused this miscarriage. Because the baby had a strong heartbeat just over a week ago she feels that a blood clot may have passed to the placenta. She stated that I could have blood tests done to see if this is an issue but issurance may not cover it because I have not had multiple miscarriages. If I do have this problem and do get pregnant again then I will need to take two shots a day of a blood thinner.
The hospital has cremated the baby and there will be a mass service sometime in the future. They were wonderful to me and it helped that I knew the nurse taking care of me. The hospital provided us with a cloth memory envelope and a knitted angel.
I feel that I am truly blessed with the wonderful family and friends that we are surrounded with. Thank you for all of your support.