Saturday, May 17, 2008

Best Birthday

This birthday was the best birthday in a few a years. It started when I got a present from my mom and step-dad over the weekend. The day before my birthday I got a card from my mother in-law. The day of my birthday started with my Dad calling me at 6:30 to wish me a Happy Birthday. Then when I got to work everyone got together to sing Happy Birthday to me and we ate a fabulous cake made by one of my friends at school. After school I got to hang out with one of my friends and her new baby. David came home from work early and said we can do what ever I want, but I now had a sore throat and just wanted to sleep. So we went to get Pho, Vietnamese chicken soup, and a was surprised with a singing card. David was looking forward to embarrassing me at a nice restaurant with it. Then we came home to a surprise cake. David also got me a new camera that is the coolest, it goes underwater to 33 feet and is shock proof from 6 feet.

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