Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Really? It's only Tuesday

Surprisingly I'm not stressed right now, even though we just found that the opposite corner of our bedroom has mold due to water damage that we didn't see earlier. It took 3 weeks to finally get the work started on the damage we did see, I hope this one doesn't take as long to get approved by our insurance. I promised David I wouldn't post pictures of that wall, because it's disgusting.
Also I'm pretty sure Isaac has croup, so we'll be visiting the doctor in the morning if he still has a barky cough. But I did sign him up for preschool yesterday. He'll be going one day a week, even though David thinks he should go at least two days a week. When I told David that I signed him up for one day a week he informed me that Isaac will have to move out of the house one day.
I also have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. We will see how that goes, especially since I've had contractions all day about an hour apart.
So thankful I'm not going through this whirlwind alone and that Isaac's Nyny will be here tomorrow to start helping out. Poor David will be sleeping on the couch until our room is fixed. Good thing he's a heavy sleeper.


  1. Good luck at your appointment today! I hope all goes well.

  2. Omigosh. "he informed me that Isaac will have to move out of the house one day." I laughed out loud. david's funny. i hope isaac gets some magic rx. poor little guy.


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