Sunday, March 20, 2011

Relative Memories

With relatives coming to stay with us it has me reminiscing about my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Like my favorite birthday party being my 9th because that was the only time I remember both sets of my grandparents together. I also have memories of my grandpa Horace taking me to church and of his wife Mary Jane put food scraps in a jar under their sink to be taken out later to the compost pile that was just past the fig tree.
One of my favorite memories was of my great aunt Ivey and her garden. I loved her cherry tree and rose bushes and feel that my love of gardening came from her. Her garden seemed magical. My love of fried okra also came from her.

One reason I loved staying at my grandma and grandpa Oakes' house was because they had an entire freezer stocked with Stouffers frozen meals and I could have my pick. I also loved the 4th of July cookouts at their house and the crazy stories that my uncle Steve would tell me.

There was one summer when my cousin Bob came to stay with us and we would experiment with the food that was in the house to make lunch. Occasionally it wasn't that appetizing and we would feed it to the dog, but there was one time the dog wouldn't even eat it.

It's funny what memories stand out and I'm wondering what memories Isaac's going to have of his relatives.

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