Saturday, March 5, 2011

Surgery went well

The doctor said that he definitely needed this surgery after it was done. He was great before the surgery. I was worried about how he would be having to wait to have breakfast and drink, but he was so excited/hyper that he didn't ask for anything. It also helped that a friend let us borrow her portable DVD player, that we were late, and that they did the surgery early. Afterwards he was crying and inconsolable, but fell asleep in the car for the ride home. We tried to hold off on giving him milk because they told us he would vomit if he had it after anaesthesia, which led to him crying because he LOVES milk, which then led to his nose bleeding every time he cried. Overall he did great and because David was with me I wasn't too emotional. Thank you to all of you that called, text messaged, and commented on facebook. It meant a lot to know that all of you were praying for him.
A little funny story about yesterday. They gave him a teddy bear, which we didn't give to him until we were home and he was awake. Apparently he hates this teddy bear, because every time we've tried to give it to him he throws it to the ground as hard as he can. I'm pretty sure he associates the bear with the surgery.

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