Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 5 after Mastectomy

Just some miscellaneous thoughts. It takes a long time to take a shower partly because you can't raise your hands above your head and partly because I'm way off balance. I wake up every every 4 to 5 hours due to needing pain meds, but that means that I miss the the time for the other drugs that aren't on the 4 to 5 hour schedule. It is impossible to put a bra by myself and hold the gauze in place. I'm also not able to brush my hair myself. I love having the kids just come and sit next to me in bed, it makes all of this worth it.
The drains aren't that bad, just kind of in the way when dressing, undressing, taking a shower, and such. I'm finding it hard to open things like pill bottles, because you have to press down and twist. I also had to call the nurse while in the hospital to tear open a ranch dressing package for me. I feel normalish when I'm lying in bed, but when I'm on my feet I'm way off balance and often have to keep a hand on the wall. So far things are going great, Granny and David are doing an awesome job taking care of the kids and myself. Also I have the greatest group of friends here. God has truly blessed me. I will continue to need help for many weeks to come and I'm sure that my friends will still be here to help me.

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