Saturday, February 11, 2012

Never again

So at my usually 4am bedtime I decided I'd like to finally take off "the bra" for some relief. It's been rubbing my skin off and my ribs now hurt from having an enormous rubber band around them for close to 3 weeks. It felt glorious at first, my ribs were loving it. I was also thinking that since I was laying down flat that it wouldn't do any damage or anything. Which will led to another story. Well, waking up at 8 am I was in tremendous pain to where I could not move, I had to have David go find the bra and put it on my. I've been recovering from this all day. Might I remind you this was only 4 hours too.
On to the other story. I decided to take a nap sometime ago, I have no concept of time or day now, and ended up on my side. I'm a side sleeper so this sleeping on the back thing sucks and and I probably wouldn't get any sleep if it weren't from the drugs. Well, waking up from a side sleeper nap leaves me in terrible pain, even with the bra on. That crazy bra! I was hoping that at my canceled follow-up that he'd say we can burn that thing now, but of course that didn't happen,

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