Monday, February 13, 2012

A pattern

It seems that every time I've been stuck at home by doctor's orders I tend to redecorate, which usually puts David in a tizzy since I like to move furniture around. Well so far he has been completely supportive of buying new/antique furniture to liven up our house. This was one of our first purchases. We found it at a resale shop for $100 by Ethan Allen and it also had the rest of the bed room suit with it. We decided at the time not to get the dresser, desk, and bed, but after I thought about it I really liked the desk and dresser, so we'll be picking those up soon along with a green and yellowish striped couch. That day we also picked up a rocker/glider like the love seat one we have it's just a love seat and the color is a burnt orange.


  1. Not many people saw what I liked in the mismatched gold /yellow chairs I bought second hand that tied in nicely with the sofa with the green gold and Orange floral pattern... I still think one of my best buys ever was when I picked up a couple of matching recliners (to replace the mismatched ones) at an estate auction (gold colored of course) for $5!!

  2. that is an awesome cabinet. i love it. it's so cheery. good job. you guys are so good at getting deals.


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