Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Surprise

Nolan and I flew to SC for as a Mother's Day present to my mom and for family to meet Nolan. Nolan did great for his first flight. Everyone was extremely helpful in carrying bags for me and helping collapse the stroller. The airline did lose the canopy of the car seat, but with that being the only thing lost I'd say we did pretty well. I had to get a picture of him on his first flight, and apparently people aren't used to cameras with viewfinders. We did have some issues on the way back, he didn't like having to hang out on the plane for an hour while they fixed/rechecked the engine, but once we got going he was fast asleep. Thank you to Gma and Gpa for hosting a little family get together so everyone could love on Nolan. We had a great time but I'm exhausted and Nolan caught a cold so we'll be staying put for awhile.

I came back to a wonderful surprise from my husband and Isaac and a clean house.

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  1. I'm sure that was an amazing gift to your Mom, to have you and Nolan with her. Looks like you had no shortage of folks to love on you both, love it!


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