Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What a day today has been

Today started with me going to get my breasts put into a vise. I quickly found out that if you write on the info sheet that one of your breasts is hurting, they want to make it hurt more. I went in for my annual screening mammogram and it quickly became a diagnostic mammogram. After the first set of images the radiologist decided that she wanted to squish them more to see if the tissue fans out like normal tissue, since the first images looked different than my previous one two years ago. Well, my tissue does react like normal tissue and I learned to wait longer after having a baby to go in for an ultrasound because I leaked milk on their equipment. So embarrassing. After that she decided that she wanted to do an ultrasound. It turns out I'm fine but again it was recommended that I get a breast MRI. She also suggested that I join their high risk clinic. I've found that some doctors get very excited when they find out I have BRAC1, but that also means I get excellent care.
Ok that was all before 9am. Now it's 9am and I'm meeting David to pick up the boys and I see that Isaac's eye is red and swollen just where he had his surgery. I then call the doctor and make an appointment. All they have is 1:30, naptime! We go in and wait 45 minutes. Or better yet, I wait while Isaac runs around the waiting room barefoot. Verdict is his eye is infected and is prescribed drops.
While there I get a call from my close friend Shannon and she's at the hospital in labor. She went in for a stress test and she was having contractions, 4cm, and 90% effaced. She's 35 weeks and very worried about the baby. Since she was so far along they couldn't give her a steroid shot to help develop his lungs. Please say a prayer for them.
Now that we're home and the boys are napping, I'm going to take a shower and get ready for date night, which starts in an hour! Updated-Date night didn't happen, because of a tired little boy and a nap that went straight into date night time. So my wonderful husband is picking up dinner for us from Boulder Creek and I can't wait to eat their salad. It's the best salad ever!
Since we did have a couple of hours to spend at home I took some pictures that I might use as the new blog header. Here's a preview.

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  1. Yuk. I'm so glad you're getting out for datenight, so the day can end on a better note. Hope and pray they don't find anything with all that testing.


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