Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool Fun

Isaac and I love the cool water on these hot days. I know David hates this pool, but it allows Isaac to enjoy the pool while giving me a little peace of mind for many reasons. But the main one is that I don't feel like I could watch Isaac close enough if I take Nolan and him to our neighborhood pool. My concerns aren't unfounded either, an 8 year old girl drowned in our neighborhood pool last week and that has been heavy on my heart lately. Please watch your children around water.
On a lighter note, Isaac did great in the pool. I let him just wear swim trunks and told him he can't poop in the pool. He came running to me trying to take his shorts off and once we got them off he just had to pee. That was the end of wearing swim trunks for the day. But he did end up pooping on the potty!

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  1. Boy does he look like he's having a Wonderful time!


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