Saturday, June 18, 2011

Someone is missing Daddy

The past couple of days we've been partying at a friends house in the evening and staying up way too late. He's been having a blast with her girls and their toys, but to get to their house we have to go over Eagle Creek. Every time we go across the water Isaac starts yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" I keep telling Isaac that Daddy's at work but he seems to think he's fishing. This morning Isaac picked up our house phone and handed it to me and said Daddy, luckily Daddy called soon after. Isaac just walked around the house for a bit talking to Daddy and looking out the window for him. He was talking so much that David couldn't get a word in. We then did a video chat on the computer and Isaac attempted a game of chase with David on the computer. He'd run up to the computer and David would make a face at him then Isaac would run away screaming. Later that day when I opened the computer Isaac immediately ran up and put his face on the screen and called for Daddy. I'm going to have to really entertain this guy to get his mind off of Daddy for a few more days.

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