Friday, May 2, 2008


A few weeks ago we got 6 caterpillars for our class to watch become Painted lady butterflies. It was amazing to watch. They all made a chrysalis and all but one came out as butterflies. This is were went through their transformation.
Here's the one that didn't fully turn to a butterfly. Got stuck coming out I guess. The stuff in the cup is what they ate as caterpillars.
Here are the empty chrysalis.
We set them free. It was a little chilly so they didn't fly away, but that gave us the opportunity to have them walk on our fingers. The kids loved having butterflies walking on them. I have parent teacher conferences yesterday and today and was surprised to find out that the children didn't tell their parents about this. One child did tell their parent that one pooped on my hand. I guess that's more exciting at this age.

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