Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sick kid to sick husband

This is how Nolan has been watching TV for the past two weeks. It all started the night of January 14 at 9:30 pm. Nolan threw up every 30 minutes that night until 10 am. I stayed in bed with him just to catch the vomit. Poor thing would pass out as soon as he was done throwing up. The next day he threw up a couple of time and then again at night. He continued to throw up at night for 8 days. Then he went 48+ hours as fine as could be to throw up in the middle of the night again. Day 10 we finally went to the doctor since there are no antacids available over the counter. Nolan was prescribed Zantac which we have been using since visiting the doctor but in lower doses than what was prescribed because the day after we started the medicine he had diarrhea all night every two hours. The doctor thinks that his body just got stuck in a cycle of throwing up after the initial stomach flu. He has now gone to school a total of 5 days this year! Of course when Nolan started feeling better David had an episode of throwing up all night and the next day. We are now at 48 hours with a healthy family. Hopefully it stays that way. 

After feeling well and being vomit free for over 24 hours we played with a few friends. Too bad we had a set back that night. 

Since he missed school on the day they had an in house field trip, Peewinkles Puppets, we decided to visit the afternoon showing. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Master builder

He built a brontosaurus with a tree to eat and a couple of pterodactylus.  He desperately wants to be featured in Lego magazine. 

Some one tried to photo bomb him. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

100 Day of School Shirt

First he wanted to glue on pompoms and I knew there is no way those were going to stick. So we tried stickers and the A with the skull was the only letter left when he came home from school. Next year we'll do better. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Tubing

We got a perfect opportunity for snow tubing with friends. The high was supposed to be 46 so we had to go. Unfortunately Nolan has been throwing up for 6 days, so he'll have to come another time. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lego Club

These boys were so excited for Lego Club at the library that they were standing outside the room watching the lady get our the tubs of lego. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Missed us

Someone says they didn't miss their little brother, but his actions say somethings else. 

Funeral for Hazel Gibson Nation

Hazel died January 4. There was no question as to whether I was going or not. The question was what to do with the kids. David's schedule is somewhat flexible so he was able to get Isaac ready for school and pick him up most days. Thankfully we have some great friends and neighbors that help us get our kids to school and let Isaac play after school at their house. This left Nolan, so I took him with me for a journey to SC and GA. He was a fabulous travel companion and even great at the visitation and funeral. It helped that there was a distant cousin for him to play with. 

His first trip to a Waffle House because he wanted pancakes. It turns out the don't have pancakes unless you are a really cute 3 year old.

He had a nice rock with Aunt Betty at the visitation. She was so incredibly thoughtful. She brought a hotwheels trucks for him and even one to bring back to Isaac. The casket was beautiful made by the Amish and the rocking chair is made to match the casket as a keepsake. I found out that my grandmother was the 5th child out of 13. Aunt Betty is the second to youngest of the group. During the funeral I came to realize I have a Gibson nose.  

Nolan was checking out Pawpaw's quarter collection. 

Nolan had a fun time playing with his distant cousin Madison, which I find funny because I used to play with her mom and brother when I would visit GA.

Here's a picture of Robin, Madison's mom and my distant cousin, and myself hunting for Easter eggs.  And here's Nolan passed out at Nana's house visiting with Karen, Mike, and Nana. We did get in a trip to see Gma, Gpa, Bob, Shannon, and Nicole too.