Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our costumes were featured!

Our costumes from 2008 were featured at the Pregnant Chicken. You should go check out the other clever pregnant costumes.

Happy Halloween!!!

We had such a great fun filled weekend and I can't wait to do it again next year. Isaac liked saying trick or treat to get candy, but he loved saying trick or treat to people that came to the door and handing them handfuls of goodies. He even tried to leave with a few of the groups and kept up some long conversations with others. We have no idea what he was saying but he was very animated and used his hands a lot to talk. At the end of the night he was disappointed when the bowl was empty and it was time to shut the door. David was awesome and dressed up both days with Isaac, what a great dad! Hopefully next year we will make it to Zoo Boo and the retirement center for trick or treating too, but somehow I don't think it will happen with two in tow.

Trunk or Treat

My MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group does trunk or treat, which I had never heard of before moving to Indiana. This was Isaac's first time begging strangers for candy and he picked up on saying "trick or treat" pretty fast.

Helping Dada

Helping Dada get his toddler bed ready. Yeah, I know he already has a twin bed, but I think he will be much more comfortable transitioning to a toddler bed since he absolutely loves his crib. After mama and baba come to visit for Thanksgiving, we're going to make the switch. I pray this goes well or I will lose my mind. I'm not a nice person without sleep.

Eagle Creek Discovery and Nature Center

Last year we went to Eagle Creek almost daily to go for a walk/hike and this year we've gone almost weekly to check out "nakie"=snake. We've gone for their Tromping Two's program and I'm looking forward to the preschool programs. But for now we check out the snake, fish, turtles, bees, squirrels, birds, insects, and poop. Yup , he always stops to check out the different kinds of animal poop. He likes the snake so much that he thinks there is one in our butterfly container. Daily he yells "nakie" at it and I have to remind him that the snake is at the park.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playing with Dada

As soon as David walked in the door Monday Isaac grabbed his hands and drug him out the door into the backyard. David attempted to come back in to eat dinner but Isaac just dragged him back outside.

Pumpkin Carving

Isaac was really interested in cutting the pumpkin with Dada, but thought the insides were yuck, which he said repeatedly. As letting us know he didn't like the insides he felt he had to go suit up with the oven mitt and tongs. And lastly he had to figure out what made the pumpkin glow. Hopefully next year he'll be more into it.