Sunday, October 30, 2011

Going Bovine Review

A couple of my friends read this after I did and I was surprised that they didn't like it. I liked it but it did take a while to get through because it has some slow parts. This book is about a teenager that get mad cow disease and goes through his adventures. I must say that I will never look at a yard gnome without thinking about what adventures they've been on.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Surgeon Appointments

Apparently there is a minimum of an hour wait time before meeting with a surgeon. I met with the breast surgeon, Dr. Bowling, last week and she was late because she got stuck in surgery, which is understandable. Even though she was able to answer all my questions, I felt kind of rushed through that appointment.
My next appointment was with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Soods, who was late because he was in surgery, which is understandable, but I had to leave after and an hour and a half because David had to get back to work. So just as I was walking out the surgeon was walking in and he said that he'd visit me the next day since I was going to be in the same building with my appointment with the gynecological oncology surgeon.
Next appointment with the gynecological oncology surgeon, Dr. Rossi, went very well. After my mandatory hour wait, she was able to answer all my questions and even gave me more info that I didn't know. The info she gave me really has me thinking about what might happen down the line because of early menopause, i.e. increased risk of heart attack, osteoporosis, ovarian cancer in the abdomen, and early Alzheimer's.
After I was done with Dr. Rossi, Dr. Soods sent over his minions to get me and take me back to his office, which was across campus. Did I mention that I had Nolan with me and we are now going into the 3rd hour of being there? Well, Dr. Soods was the typical plastic surgeon, Dr. 90210 comes to mind. He suggests that I go with silicon implants and in fact that is all he would do. If I wanted a different procedure, like relocating fat, then I need to talk to a different surgeon because he doesn't feel the procedure is safe. After meeting with him one of minions walked me back to the original building because my car is in the parking garage over there. Did I mention that I had Nolan with me along with his car seat, which together weigh about 30 pounds? But it turns out these walks to and from the appointment were a blessing. I got to ask a lot of questions and got very real answers from these ladies. Also they have the best waiting room ever with computers, puzzles, tons of magazine, snacks, and drinks.
Fast forward a couple of hours and I'm at another appointment for second opinion from a breast surgeon, Dr. Lottich. I've heard very good things about her, but I never heard that I would have to wait a very long time to see her. My appointment was at 3:45, which I was 20 minutes early for, and I finally got to see her at 6 and left there at 7. I have no doubt that she's great with how thorough she is, but she's further away from home and rarely sees patients on time. With all the follow-up appointments I'm going to have I really don't was to waste time.
During one of my waiting times I called my oncologist and told him my evaluation of the surgeons so far and was wondering if he had someone else he could recommend just for comparison, so I'll be seeing one more surgeon next week and it looks like I'll be having surgery in 2012.

First Steps Evaluation

Today Isaac got evaluated by the First Steps team again. This time I really liked the team and so did Isaac. He had so much fun playing with them that he didn't want them to let. They even showed me some exercises to do with Nolan to help him get moving (flipping over, since he only did it that once). Their findings on Isaac where exactly what I knew, he's delayed in speech. Their advice on exercises are things that we've been doing since before he was talking. Next step will be meeting with the school district and then getting evaluated by them. His speech is getting better but he's still not forming his lips so he's hard to understand at times. But he is potty trained! His teachers were so impressed by him yesterday because he told them he had to go potty, but they didn't understand what he was saying. So he shouted it at them, and then there was no question what he needed. I'm super proud of him too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Isaac Quilt

Just stole this off my mom's blog. She did an awesome job making this quilt with just 4 fabrics from this picture.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

Isaac as Captain Hook, Nolan as the tick tock croc, David as Peter Pan, and me as Wendy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chicken Coop Progress

Now I just need to cover the run with chicken wire. David's shoes are hilarious but he was practicing safe wood cutting practices by wearing close toes shoes.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Isaac did it to me again

A little over two years ago I got an intense pain in my right shoulder/neck and next that I had to visit a doctor while I was visiting family in South Carolina. It turns out that my heavy baby, Isaac, gave me a pain, torticollis, that was fixed with some heavy muscle relaxers.
Well, I got a migraine two weeks ago and then woke up the next day with that same intense pain but on my left side. So I just took Advil and it would get better but not go away. Finally a friend convinced me to go to the doctor. The doctor prescribed steroids for the day and muscle relaxers for night. With the amount of steroids I'm taking this week I may not be sleeping for a few days. While at the doctor, she was asking questions trying to figure out how this happened and we finally figured out that I carry Nolan on the right side and Isaac on the left side. So Isaac managed give me a pain in my neck again.

Sweet Potatos and Mama's Hair

So far the only food that he will tolerate is sweet potatoes and here are some shots of his hair which is exactly like mama's.