Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Dreams

Yesterday we went to pick up the crib and I LOVE IT! Thanks Kate! I can't wait for David to put it together, when he does I'll post pictures. I checked for recalls on this crib and there aren't any, which made me very excited. After dinner we went to Babie'R'Us so David could become familiar with the big items on our registry and while there I tested strollers and car seats. You have no idea how hard this decision is. I found a stroller that I like very much and an infant car seat that is comfortable to carry, even though it is a little heavier than others with uncomfortable handles. I'm so stoked about the stroller I wanted to take it home and play with it. It's a jogging/all-terrain stroller and David said he would get it for me if I start jogging. Not going to happen, so I'll wait. Then we listened to the baby's heartbeat before going to bed and it was moving all around. Very cool to listen to it get loud then go away and come back again. Also the baby's heartrate is slowly decreasing, which means it's growing. To top off this wonderful night I had a dream that we went to our doctor's appointment on Monday and ran into the ultrasound tech that invited us in to find out the gender of our baby early. It took awhile but I found out the gender, well I did in my dreams. We'll see if it's correct in a couple more weeks.

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