Monday, November 10, 2008

Cord Blood Banking

This is something that I knew I wanted to look into but wasn't sure if it would be useful for us. After doing some research there are two options here in Indiana, public donation or private banking.
With public donation we would be donating it for research since we are not delivering at Clarian. If we were to deliver at Clarian then others could use it. I found this info here. The public bank can be found here.
Now for private banking, initially I found that cord blood could only be used to help a few diseases and most likely for a sibling not for the child the cord blood is coming from. But now I have come across some wonderful trials the medical community is doing, which I am very excited about. I also found that there is a cord blood bank here in Indianapolis which is half the price of Viacord, the national bank.
We decided to donate the cord blood for research. I called the bank and within 24 hours they sent us a collection package.
How awesome would it be to see a cure for breast cancer developed in my lifetime. I am amazed at how God made our bodies perform miracles.

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