Friday, January 9, 2009


So easy a cave woman can do it, right?
Think again. My breast milk doesn't give him enough calories or I'm not producing enough.
Isaac had a weigh-in last Friday at 7.145 pounds. We then brought him back for a weight-in on Wednesday and he was down to 7.14 pounds. That means he lost a half an ounce over 5 days when he should be gaining half and ounce every day now. The doctor instructed me to supplement with formal again, the first time was for his jaundice until my milk came in. We took him back to the doctor today for another weight-in and he is now up to 8.03 pounds. That a gain of 5 ounces in two days. He's going to be a big boy if he keeps that up. I know I should just enjoy him and not worry about how he's getting nutrition as long as he's getting it, but I want to give him the best.
On another note, he's only 11 days old and I can already tell he's growing up. He fits in an outfit, that he didn't just a few days ago. He also lost his umbilical cord yesterday. I thought when it fell off, he would have a regular belly button, but it's still scabby and yucky looking. He loves his mobile and I love the gDiapers. He started to get a rash with some disposables we were given and the rash is clearing up fast with the gDiaper.

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