Sunday, December 6, 2009

On my soap box

I miss my family and friends. I also miss the southern hospitality of SC. As much as I've moved around I've been able to make some great friends that I still talk to and see every once in awhile.
We've been here for 3 1/2 years now so you'd think that I/we would have made some good/close friends by now. Maybe it's the holidays that have me down, but I don't think so. Last year at this time, I was told to take it easy and to not be on my feet. I also wasn't able to drive. So I sent out an email to some of my girl friends that I was in need of some socializing. I was surprise by who came and who didn't.
Now,I've been trying for months to get together with other moms for play dates, lunch, or just a get together for some adult conversation. My emails haven't been responded to and some of my phone calls aren't returned. I think I'm starting to get the hint. Maybe I'm over thinking all of this, but there are some weeks that go by and David is the only adult I have a conversation with. I'm trying to be a good Christian and when I see that someone might need some help I offer, but my efforts have gone unnoticed. I also realize that many people here have family and don't need my help, but it would still be nice to get a response or just have me over and not use my help.
I'm feeling like I'm the new kid at school, the other moms seem cliquish. They grew up here so they've been friends since school or their kids are the same age. So it's easier for them to get together. I get that.

I've joined two moms groups, which have been fun to go the meetings and the Mom's Night Out. Also we have a few friends that we see a few times a year because of their annual parties, which I/we love, but I want something more. I'm shy but I know I'm not so shy that I can't make close friends. I've been the new kid at school many times and have make some valuable friendships in those short years that I attended them. So what's the deal here? I guess I just want someone to talk to besides David about all this adoption stuff.
I'm pretty sure David's hoping that I didn't get us uninvited to those parties. I'm hoping I didn't either, just wanted to vent my feelings. This photo was taken in October by David on one of their weekend shopping trips. Thought I should add some cuteness to this post.


  1. What a cute, cute, cute little fellow. We just love him more, and more, and more, and morrrrrrrrrrre...

    Nyny in Texas

  2. Amy,
    talk with David about moving to the hot and warm Texas. We welcome you with a big heart and endless love. Texas has different kind culture that makes everyone feel like home.
    I would be confused and lost if I had been in your place too.

  3. Amy,

    I emailed you my number, right? I can't come visit you or invite you over for a playdate - although that would be great fun - but I have an ear to listen and a heart to understand your adoption fears and woes!

    Seriously - call me! Or email me your number so I can call you!



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