Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Including Isaac's appetite. He started feeling better Thursday, just in time for our trip to Dallas to visit David's parents. He wasn't 100% but he didn't have a fever. By the end our trip Isaac was eating enormous amount of food and feeling better than ever. He loved Dim Sum, sushi, and the soup and salad bar.

During our trip we took a ride on the train/rail system and visited the Bodies Exhibit. The exhibit was very interesting and educational. Thankfully Isaac wasn't old enough to realize that the bodies were missing skin, he might have had nightmares if he was older.

David and I also got to go out of several dates, it was sooooo nice to have a meal together so we could actually have a conversation. Thank you Mama and Baba for the wonderful visit and babysitting.

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  1. wow wow great photos, amy! i'm so happy you had fun in texas and that isaac is feeling better. the camera must be really expensive because the photos are really good. the ones from the dart rail car are exceptionally well lit, and i think they should go in a frame! he's so cute. i can't believe he can possibly be any cuter but every post proves me wrong!


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