Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BSF International

Bible Study Fellowship is weekly meeting that starts in September and ends in May. It starts with the large group together then splits into small groups to review our study packet then gets back together as the large group for a lecture. What I love about this is the study packet is intended for you to answer questions and read the Bible daily and that the children are learning the same lesson as you that week. Oh, and that all of this is free.
Well, today was our first meeting and I knew Isaac would cry when I dropped him off in his class. I figured he would cry on and off the entire time and maybe after a few weeks get used to it and enjoy being with his friends learning about God. I did not expect to see him in the hall with the children's supervisor (the lady in charge of the entire children's program) when I left the small group to join the large group again. He's been with them for an hour and I was torn. Do I leave him there for another hour knowing that he's crying? Yeah, I couldn't do it. I love that his class is a real class and not a nursery setting where he plays the entire time, but that's where the problem was for him. The teachers told me he had calmed down and was doing great during free play time but when it was circle time, he lost it. I guess we'll try again next week and hopefully God will give me the strength to not worry the entire time.

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