Monday, October 17, 2011

Isaac did it to me again

A little over two years ago I got an intense pain in my right shoulder/neck and next that I had to visit a doctor while I was visiting family in South Carolina. It turns out that my heavy baby, Isaac, gave me a pain, torticollis, that was fixed with some heavy muscle relaxers.
Well, I got a migraine two weeks ago and then woke up the next day with that same intense pain but on my left side. So I just took Advil and it would get better but not go away. Finally a friend convinced me to go to the doctor. The doctor prescribed steroids for the day and muscle relaxers for night. With the amount of steroids I'm taking this week I may not be sleeping for a few days. While at the doctor, she was asking questions trying to figure out how this happened and we finally figured out that I carry Nolan on the right side and Isaac on the left side. So Isaac managed give me a pain in my neck again.

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  1. How kind of Isaac. When he's older, you can literally tell him he was a pain in your neck. ;)


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